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Las Vegas Concert Review – Billboard

advertising billboard On night one here at The Sphere, we’ve rounded up the best moments from the concert (and venue) debut.

Is it the incomprehensible floor-to-ceiling graphics? Or immersive audio that makes you feel like you’re in U2’s studio? Or the way Bono engages in seemingly intimate conversations with more than 18,000 fans?

It’s hard to pick the most impressive part of Friday’s (September 29) opening night of U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere – which also served as the debut of the concert venue itself – but one thing’s for sure : U2 were just the right people to welcome the band. Exciting space.

You might think that all the fancy technology might overshadow the show, but U2’s music and message remained the focus throughout the two hours—even as a kaleidoscope of pop culture images scrolled rapidly across the 366-foot screen. Continuous, making it unclear if the floor or stage is moving, or if your brain is just playing tricks on you. (That was in Attention baby The single “Even Better Than the Real Thing”, only three songs included in the concert, was truly the best illusory Night time. )

but real The magic often lies in the producers choosing not to flood the entire screen, using just a monochromatic blue background or a starry night sky for quieter songs, or just projecting large images of the band members on the turntable section, with different non-Attention baby Songs will be played every night of the 25 shows.

Ultimately, Sphere never eclipsed U2.field enlarge U2, pairing a band that has experimented with innovation with every new tour in their 40-plus-year career with a venue that seems limitless in innovation.

advertising billboard With night one in the sphere, we’ve rounded up the best moments from the concert (and venue) debut below.

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