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Johnny Eblen dislikes rumored PFL-Bellator merger: ‘I like more competition’

Johnny Eblen isn’t keen on rumors of a merger between the PFL and Bellator.

It’s been an open secret in the MMA world lately that Bellator is up for auction, and earlier this month there were rumors that the PFL was purchasing a rival promotion. It remains to be seen whether the rumors are ultimately true, but Johnny Eblen, who defended the Bellator middleweight title with a third-round TKO victory over Fabian Edwards at Bellator 299 last weekend, said that at this time There’s definitely something wrong with the atmosphere. recent events.

“I think the staff isn’t as excited anymore,” Ebron said. MMA time. “Not exactly, but it felt like when I went to check in, this time was different. They were still doing their own thing and there was a lot of uncertainty, so I can totally understand why, but other than that, besides the back Outside of the energy, everything went great. Everything went great. The Bellator staff was great. Everything went the way it should.

“I think there’s a huge amount of uncertainty hanging over everyone’s head when it comes to Bellator and the future of Bellator and what’s going to happen. That’s going to change how people feel in events like this.”

As it stands, Bellator has at least two more events planned for this year — Bellator 300 and 301 — but nothing has been announced after that, meaning Ebron’s matchup with Edwards on Saturday could be his first match at The final match inside the Bellator cage.

If that’s the case, the middleweight champion will be fine.

“I don’t know what the future holds, I just know that I’m very good at what I do, so I’ll always be employed, whether it’s at Bellator, PFL, UFC, damn ONE,” Ebron said. “I can’t count one. This could very well be my last fight with Bellator, or it may not be. They could hold a few more events and drag things out even longer. I’m not sure what the whole deal means as well. What are they going to do. Who knows? I’ll be here waiting, ready to fight again and accept whatever challenge they throw at me next.”

With a trade yet to be confirmed, almost anything could happen next for Elbon, whether it’s with Bellator, the PFL or free agency. Regardless of what ultimately happens, Eblen doesn’t particularly like the big picture of the PFL ultimately acquiring Bellator.

“I personally think it’s terrible,” Ebron said. “Realistically, there are two main organizations that control a lot of the fighters. I know the PFL means good things and they are trying to get players paid more, so I can see where it might be beneficial, but until it You don’t know until it’s actually done. They can say they’re going to pay fighters more and so on, but then absorb Bellator and do the same thing the UFC is doing. Not that they’ll do that, but I’d like more Competition, not less competition.”

In addition to less competition, Ebron faces a different problem: The PFL currently doesn’t have a middleweight division, which means Ebron might not even have a home if the rumors are true. This gives the middleweight champion a completely separate set of uncertainties, some of which are possible outcomes he really doesn’t want.

“I thought it was a little weird, kind of like, are you going to build (a department) for me?” Ebron said. “Don’t you? We don’t know what’s going to happen. If they do that and let me build a tournament structure, I’m not going to be upset about it. I’m going to make a lot of money. And I’m not going to do it because, ‘Hey, we’re not going to build A middleweight division” and they’re going to terminate my contract or sell it or whatever, and then I’ll go to the UFC. I’m not upset about it either.

“It’s weird. If they do buy it, they’re going to have to build a division around me, or they’re going to have to do the same thing with Kayla Harrison, which is actually something I don’t want because I want to fight Often. The worst thing that could happen to me is to get into a fight every year in my prime against someone who isn’t the best player in the world. Unless they can get the best player in the world by paying them a higher salary. The best people. That’s what they did to Francis, but can you do that to some of the best 85 people in the world? I don’t know.”

What if they can’t? Ebron isn’t sure where this will ultimately take his career, other than wishing things were different.

“If they bring in some new guys to sign and they’re all top-10 players, it’ll make things interesting, but it’s a question of if that happens,” Ebron said. “That’s the only thing they can do. Other than that, I’m just fighting guys who are not the best in the world and I think that’s the problem with the whole PFL deal.

“You have one of the best talents in the middleweight division, but how do you make a good match with this guy? How do you make a good production with the best middleweight, but you don’t have another middleweight? That’s weird to me. I think fighting is a weird sport. I wish it were more like boxing where you could cross-promote and pit the best against each other and then you know who’s the best in the world A good person.”

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