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House sends Senate bill to avert government shutdown

The House approved a “clean” stopgap funding bill on Saturday to avert a government shutdown, sending the bill to the Senate for consideration just hours before a midnight funding deadline.

The measure would keep the government at current spending levels for 45 days, including $16 billion in disaster relief funding – matching the White House’s figure in its budget report. Supplementary request. It does not include Ukraine aid or border policy changes.

The House passed the stopgap bill in an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 335 to 91, hours after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) introduced the proposal. One Democrat and 90 Republicans voted against the measure.

plan There has been a significant change His attitude toward government funding. That could spell trouble for his position as speaker as conservatives step up threats to confiscate his gavel.

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced that Senate Republicans will not allow the upper chamber’s bipartisan Continuing Resolution (CR) to move forward and instead defer to the House’s plan.

The proposal would keep government funding running through Nov. 17, including $5.99 billion in disaster relief funds and $6.15 billion in Ukraine aid.

McCarthy told his fellow conference members earlier this week that he Won’t bring it The Senate brought the measure up for a vote after some conservatives raised concerns about the inclusion of Ukraine funds and the lack of border security provisions. Support for Ukraine has become a hot topic in the House Republican conference.

McCarthy proposed a clean stopgap bill that ran counter to his previous stance on government funding.

The speaker has been pushing his conference in recent weeks to coalesce around a Republican stopgap bill that includes border security, a move aimed at giving Republicans greater leverage in negotiations with Senate Democrats and the White House. Influence. He ruled out working with Democrats to avert a government shutdown and stressed the importance of including border security provisions in any funding measure.

But on Friday, 21 conservatives rejected The Republican stopgap bill leaves McCarthy with few options to avoid a government shutdown before the looming deadline.Hours after the failed vote, Speaker Proposed a ‘clean’ stopgap bill Without Ukraine, the idea continued on Saturday morning.

While Saturday’s vote brings the country one step closer to averting a government shutdown, it also puts McCarthy at greater risk of losing power. Hardline Republicans have been warning publicly for weeks that the speaker could face a recall vote if he works with Democrats to fund the government.

“If Kevin McCarthy puts forward a lasting solution on the court, it’s going to be shot, Chaser; one of McCarthy’s most important opponents, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., earlier this month Shi said, “Continue to resolve the issue and file a motion to dismiss. “

McCarthy brushed off those threats on Saturday.

“If someone wants to leave because I want to be the adult in the room, then go ahead and try,” he told reporters.

“But I think this country is too important. I will stand with our military. I will stand with our border agents. I will stand with those who have to get their medications from the government,” McCarthy added . “I think it’s so important.”

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