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¿Cuál es la intersección más peligrosa del Condado Maricopa?

The Maricopa Association of Governments ranked 99th Avenue and Lower Buckeye as the worst intersection after hundreds of crashes there.

PHOENIX — The most dangerous intersection in Maricopa County is nothing more than a roundabout.according to Maricopa Association of Governments99th Avenue and Lower Buckeye were the intersections with the most crashes between 2017 and 2021.

From 2017 to 2021, there were 411 crashes at 99th Avenue and Lower Buckeye.

“There were a lot of accidents, a lot of beeps,” said Samantha Edwards, who works nearby. “This is the worst intersection in Arizona.”

“It’s too bad. It’s too bad. I don’t know who came up with this idea,” said Desirae Hernandez, who has lived in the Crossroads area.

People familiar with the intersection said they were surprised the roundabout topped the list.

“The signs are somewhat confusing. But most of the time, people are trying to change lanes when they’re trying to drive, or they’re trying to change lanes without signaling,” said James Parsons.

“I know it’s dangerous. I’m always skeptical when I drive by,” John Wells said as he crossed the intersection. “I picked up the plastic fenders and lights.”

“It scares me sometimes to drive there, so I tend to avoid it,” Karen Vargas said.

In an effort to improve county road safety, the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) conducted an analysis of intersections. In addition to accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists, they also take into account a number of factors, including the number of accidents, the number of cars involved and the severity of the crash.

“There are three things to consider. One is the frequency of accidents, or just the number of accidents at an intersection, the severity of the accidents and the type of accidents,” said Margaret Herrera, operations and transportation safety project manager at MAG. “Those three factors are taken into account and we look at the severity in a more robust way.”

“We know we can’t eliminate all accidents, but we want to reduce the impact of these accidents when they occur,” Herrera said.

Phoenix understands what happened at the intersection. A spokesperson told 12News the roundabout was built in 2002 and the area has since grown significantly and traffic has increased.

The city plans to study this interaction in 2024.

“Studies like this will help identify future options, which could include everything from retrofitting existing roundabouts to intersection signal changes,” added Greg Bach, Phoenix Street Department of Transportation public information officer.

Many drivers who provided feedback about intersection safety suggested more driver education, or that the city should remove roundabouts and replace them with traffic lights. “

Red or green light may be more effective.

MAG said it received updated registration information this summer and plans to release a new list between November and January.


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