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College football Week 5 highlights – top plays games takeaways 2023

There’s a part of the college football world that’s asleep at Kentucky, like it’s just coming off its second Hot Brown game and about to go into hibernation for a while. But Big Blue looks real.

Another part of the college football world has been patiently waiting for Texas A&M to enter its inevitable spiral of doom when Jimbo Fisher fired Bobby Petrino because his game card didn’t include a footnote , six appendices, and a foreword by Guy Talese. But the Aggies are pushing forward and look like they might actually be a contender in the West.

On Saturday, Kentucky and Texas A&M issued statements: Ignore at your own peril.

To be fair, the SEC looks like a miasma of mediocrity that has everyone below the Mason-Dixon line a little shaken. Yes, Georgia is still the No. 1 team in the country, but the Bulldogs only seem interested in playing big boy football a few times a week.

The rest of the league is a mixed bag of who-knows-what, and it looks like the SEC will change its name to “Others on Ballots” in a week or two.

Yes, there are seven teams ranked heading into Week 5, but five of those seven teams have lost, and four of those teams are ranked around 20, with a precarious split between Duke and Kansas s position.

Still, 4-0 Kentucky finds itself outside the top 25, which must feel like a huge insult, like calling UK a basketball school. In fact, the last time an SEC team started 4-0 but was unranked entering Week 5 was Missouri in 2013. Since then, 37 SEC teams have started 4-0 and all are ranked… except the Wildcats.

Fun fact, though: The 2013 Missouri team finally earned the number next to its name in Week 6, then beat a top-10 Georgia team to reach the SEC championship game and finish fifth in the final AP poll.

Kentucky? The Wildcats will definitely be in the rankings next week, when they take on – wait for it – Georgia.

But starting Saturday, Ray Davis completely demoralized a Florida team that, frankly, had no business being ranked in the top 25. Davis was just a hair shy of that, but still finished with 280 yards. He became the first SEC player to run for 250 yards and four scores in a conference game since Nick Fitzgerald did it in the 2016 Egg Bowl. Despite throwing just 69 yards, Kentucky won handily.

By the way, the Gators have allowed just 328 rushing yards through the first four games of the season. They gave up 329 to Kentucky on Saturday.

Texas A&M, meanwhile, entered Hog Country unranked. An early-season loss to Miami felt like an emphatic statement that the Aggies were once again all hype and no substance. A season-ending injury to starting quarterback Connor Wegman only made matters worse. But Max Johnson (who we’re pretty sure is actually a middle-aged father of three with a Volvo, a mortgage, and a cushy life insurance job), threw for 210 yards and two touchdowns , Texas A&M’s defense quickly got the job done. What Dan Enos assured us was actually the Arkansas offense and not an elaborate prank.

In other words, there are seven ranked SEC teams heading into Saturday that no one is really sure are really that good, and at least two more teams are using their early slates to shout from the rooftops that they, too, belong During the conversation.

After an incredibly frustrating start to the season that saw Clemson lose its first two games in the ACC, the Tigers finally put things right with a 31-14 victory over Syracuse on Saturday. .

Did you figure out their football problem? Well, no. This is still a problem. Clemson’s Jonathan Weitz, who kicked the ball two weeks ago, is one of just two on field goal attempts, and Clemson has missed five kicks this year, just one. Behind future ACC member Carr.

Has the red zone problem been solved? Well, Cade Klubnik was sacked on his fourth-and-2 of five games for Syracuse. Overall, Clemson was in Syracuse territory on 12 of 14 possessions but only reached the end zone four times.



Cade Klubnik’s 47-yard touchdown pass

Cade Klubnik threw the ball away and found Beaux Collins open down the field for a 47-yard touchdown for Clemson.

Figured out their turnover problem? The Tigers ranked fifth nationally in points allowed off turnovers in this game (36), more than they had in any of their past three full seasons. The good news is they only added seven to Saturday’s total.

Have you solved the problem on the O line? Ah, Syracuse did have 13 tackles for a loss in this game, the most Clemson has allowed in a game since 2013.

But you know how to make the other team make a bunch of mistakes and end up winning an ACC game? Completely correct!

Syracuse made a strange decision late in the first half, attempted a 57-yard field goal, forced nine penalties, turned the ball over three times and gave up a short touchdown — all Those were enough for Clemson to win the game.

Where does this leave the Tigers? Klubnyk continued to improve, passing for 263 yards and two touchdowns, freshman Tyler Brown looked like an emerging superstar after throwing for 151 yards, and the defense held Syracuse the distance. Limited to less than 300 yards.

It might not be the prettiest win, but any win is good for Clemson.

Fans Prove to Be Dangerous for USC



Caleb Williams throws six touchdowns in win over Colorado

USC quarterback Caleb Williams scored six touchdowns in a 48-41 win over Colorado.

No college football team has more style than Colorado through the first three weeks of the year, but over the past two games, Oregon State and USC have been more than happy to play antiheroes and subvert the scalpers’ craziest schemes. dream.

Heisman folks may still be saying “welcome to New York” to Shaddell Sanders, who had 421 yards and five touchdowns, but Caleb Williams proved it on Saturday He was ready, throwing for 403 yards and six touchdowns in USC’s 48-41 win. Will the Trojans’ D cause trouble for Lincoln Riley, though?

Regardless, the Bulls’ hot start has turned into a brutal summer — er, fall — of losing streaks, and Coach Prime may now be craving his August performance. The media glare may have been subtle, but the Prime Minister wasn’t hearing anyone say he needed to calm down. Because there’s a formula to recapture all the early hype that doesn’t require a wild comeback victory on Saturday.

Coach Prime just needs a little more Taylor Swift in her life.

The sideline at the Buffs game was packed with celebrities, but they were all there enjoying themselves in Prime grace. However, as we saw last week at the Kansas City Chiefs game, Tay Tay raises everyone’s profile.

So, with that being said, we’re here to try to inject a little Swiftie energy into Colorado and give this once promising season a fresh start.

He just wants someone who can play ball
Tell others not to stay
that’s what people say
that’s what people say

Once was the lightning under his feet
Now he only keeps receipts
At least that’s what people say
that’s what people say

Ranked his sons on Twitter
Then lost to USC and Oregon
But he got all the media hype
Says Prime will be fine

He’s in every Geico commercial
Wearing sunglasses and hat
That’s why they’re angry
That’s why they’re angry

So the Trojans could be great, great, great, great, great
But then it’s Arizona, state, state, state, state
Prime just shakes, shakes, shakes, shakes, shakes
Get rid of it. Get rid of it.

Did you know they were 5-0?


The Cardinals were tripping over their own laces for much of Friday night’s game against North Carolina State, but Brock Travelstead (who, interestingly, has a last name associated with a website that offers hotel and rental deals) Namesake) hit a 53-yard field goal by Auto) for the win. Louisville is the 15th ACC team to start 5-0 in the playoff era. Eleven of the previous 14 teams reached the league championship game.

james madison

JMU sure knows how to keep things interesting. They are 5-0, winning 1, 2, 7 and 8 in four games against FBS opponents, the last of which was a 31-23 victory over South Alabama on Saturday. Duke is the fifth FBS team in the postseason period to start 5-0 and win four games in one stretch. Over the past three years, JMU has played four seasons at two different levels of football, compiling a 32-6 record.

penn state university

Well, you probably do know that the Nittany Lions are 5-0, but we needed an excuse to show off the goal line they set early in the third quarter of Saturday’s win over Northwestern.

This could easily be used in those pub quiz games where you have to find the differences in each picture. Or this could be some kind of initial situation. Regardless, on fourth down, Drew Allar kept running and eventually found the end zone.

Later, James Franklin had the bus drive the group to O’Hare at 2 mph, stopping at every Burger King along Interstate 90.

University of Connecticut

Oh, wait, no…the Huskies are actually 0-5 after losing to Utah State. Remember that bowl game they had last year? so cool. Regardless, the basketball season starts on November 6th.

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