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Britney Spears Taking Sam Asghari Divorce ‘One Day at a Time’ – Billboard

Britney Spears is trying to stay positive after her divorce.

On Friday night (September 29), the 41-year-old pop star kicked off Instagram shared a lengthy tribute in which she reflected on her split from Sam Asghari.

“I’m in such a beautiful place! I’m so lucky to have amazing friends! Positive affirmations are so important to me right now!!!” Spears also included in the caption her long-time friend and manager Cade Photos of intimate encounters with Cade Hudson, with whom she was recently spotted vacationing in Mexico.

The “Part of Me” singer also discussed the difficulty of looking back on the past while writing her upcoming memoir, the woman in my heart.

“I say this because I was going through a divorce and had to reflect my past in a book… let’s just say it wasn’t easy!” she wrote. “I’m just saying!!! But I’m learning to breathe day by day! Self love is so important! I wake up and cry because I’m so grateful to be in such a beautiful place!!!”

Asgari, 29, filed for divorce from the pop star in mid-August. The former couple met in 2016 and tied the knot in June 2022 in a star-studded ceremony.

In her post, Spears also opened up about her social media presence and use of photo editing apps like Facetune.

“Then I thought about the relationship between my life and Instagram!!! Let’s get this straight! It’s addictive…but in my personal opinion, the minute you start taking yourself too seriously, people I will give up!!!” she wrote. “Hey, I’m not going to promote FaceTune for the rest of my life, but seriously, when I’m feeling down, I see this new app and it makes me feel silly! I think wow this is cool! I see things in a brighter way, so what if it was enhanced!!!”

The singer added, “I just want to understand the people who say they were not involved!!! Yet for some reason they are totally defensive, making accusations and downplaying it, saying all the photos are fake and have been Grooming! Nothing is real… honestly who cares! If you are so qualified and perfect why do you care if someone tries the app on their phone??? Why even mention it??? If You are better than that??? But are you??? Come on!!! I love my best friend!!!”

Earlier this week, Spears worried fans when she posted a video of herself dancing with two large kitchen knives.The concern reportedly prompted authorities to conduct a health check on the singer Los Angeles Times. Spears later responded to the situation on Instagram.

“I know my last post scared everyone, but these were fake knives that my team rented from the Hand Prop store in Los Angeles. These are not real knives. No one needs to worry or call the police,” she said on Friday ( September 29) wrote. “I’m trying to emulate one of my favorite performers, Shakira…my performance is inspired!!! Cheers to us bad girls who dare to push boundaries and take risks!”

See Spears’ Instagram post below.

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