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Un niño de Laveen fue atacado por un compañero de su escuela

Parents are upset about the way La Verne Charter School handled the incident.

PHOENIX — When Rubén Almanza picked up his son from school last week, he realized something was wrong.

“He was covering his eyes and had tears in his eyes,” Almanza said.

Their 10-year-old son, Rubén Almanza II, attends La Verne Heritage School. When Reuben removed his hands from his face, Almanza said her son’s eye was swollen black and there was a half-inch gash underneath.

The fifth-grader told his father that a classmate hit him in the face with a plastic container in the classroom.

“I felt helpless, like I couldn’t be around him,” Almanza said.

Almanza called Ruben’s mother, Marissa Vazquez, to tell her the situation.

“It’s a terrible feeling,” Vazquez explained.

He took Reuben to the emergency room to get checked out. Vasquez said the student who attacked his son had harassed him in the past.

“Two weeks ago, little Reuben was knocked to the ground,” he said.

Both Vazquez and Almanza were disturbed by the way the teacher handled the attack. Claiming they gave Reuben a bag of ice and then sent him outside because school was out.

“No one checked his eyes, no one took him to the infirmary,” Vazquez said.

The parents told the school principal what happened. They claimed they were told students would face “serious” consequences for their actions.

Vasquez believed this meant the boy would be placed in another class or expelled. However, a few days later, the boy Reuben told them that the student had returned to the classroom.

An official from Heritage School sent a statement to 12News saying the school is aware of the physical altercation and is investigating. They also wrote that the student was given appropriate consequences, but they could not legally disclose what those consequences were.

The consequence is that both parents feel the measures are not severe enough.

“I’m not saying to throw the book at him, but I think it was a little over three days,” Almanza said.

“This kid opened our son’s eyes with an object. This was not a three-day suspension,” Vazquez said.

Now, they say Ruben is afraid to go to class, and Vasquez is working to move him to another school because of the bullying and the school’s response.

“This school must take full responsibility for neglecting my son in a time of need and for not providing the correct consequences for the children who assaulted our son,” she said.

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