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U.S. Forest Service seeks to improve 80,000 acres of land in New Mexico

Upper New Mexico County (KRQE) – AS Plan to improve land within Carson National Forest Approval was obtained from Jicarilla District Ranger Jim Eaton. The goal is to help rare animals survive on the land.

“The ultimate goal is to enhance this forest and encourage the expansion and use of wildlife species in the area,” Eaton said in a release. “We particularly hope to encourage the federally listed Mexican spotted owl to reoccupy designated critical habitat. , and seeing increases in numbers of many other rare species, including the northern goshawk.”

The plan recommends clearing dead trees that could lead to out-of-control wildfires. The plan also seeks to open parts of the forest and reintroduce low-severity fires to the forest; this would promote a growth cycle more consistent with how forests grew before humans prevented fires.

The U.S. Forest Service says the program is necessary to help native animals like mule deer that spend the winter in the forest. The U.S. Forest Service said the program would also help with grazing cattle and wild horses.

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