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TOBIAS FORGE Thinks You Should Listen To CRYPTA

ghost planner Tobias Fudge Clearly still keeping up with the death metal world.during an interview metal hammer, forging Recommended Brazilian death metal bands crypt As a band that everyone should be joining right now.this is a good time crypt Considering they just released their latest record shadow of sadness in August.

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crypt It blew my mind,” said forging. “They’re a cool mix of death metal and black metal, but still very accessible and you can sing everything about it(Fernanda Lira)Sing. They are awesome and I wish them all the best. ”

forging I’m no stranger to death metal; disgusting Between 1998 and 2004. forging revealed in a recent interview that although he likes disgusting They also hope to develop their careers through the band, but death metal cannot fully meet their needs.

“In the late ’90s, I learned the hard way that I wanted to play ’80s-style death metal with my band. disgusting Painfully disconnected from what was happening at the time,” said forging. “It breaks my heart; I wish we could sign with Roadrunner and get support killer. Unfortunately, that never happened – or maybe fortunately, because it kept me grounded for a few more years, and if these things had happened, maybe I wouldn’t be here today.

disgusting It worked.We signed to the (Dutch) label Hammerheart and it felt like we had made it because the first thing they did was take us out on our first tour supporting an American band creepy. They were our favorite band – and still are, whenever we played in Chicago they would come to the show – and we felt like we might be going somewhere, but we parted ways with Hammerheart very quickly. , because we couldn’t agree. This felt like our chance and we blew it. “

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