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Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll: Shep Rose Suspects “Slimy” Hookup on Southern Charm (Recap)

We’re a few episodes into Southern Charm Season 9, but some of the cast are still grappling with the fallout from Taylor’s public meltdown.

She was upset with Craig. But Shep was the true source of her distress.

This week, Shep did some more digging into Taylor’s friendship with the only guy in the group who’s been there for her: Austen.

Is there something between them? Shep is suspicious … and sounds almost eager to find a “slimy” secret.

Austen Kroll was not the only Southern Charm star who began Season 9, Episode 3 with a hangover. (Bravo)

On Season 9, Episode 3 of Southern Charm, Austen Kroll spoke to Taylor Ann Green over the phone. She was feeling “hang-xiety.”

“I’m about to call an at-home IV service,” he said. Classic rich people nonsense. “You should come join.”

Meanwhile, Jarrett “JT” Thomas took ibuprofen (normal) and called his mother to groan about his hangover. That’s less normal.

Jarrett “JT” Thomas explains to the Southern Charm Season 9 camera that he owns a growing number of AirBnB properties in Charleston. We know that it’s a “confessional” camera, but admitting that you enrich yourself by contributing directly to the housing crisis might not be a great idea. (Bravo)

Craig Conover and Shep Rose got together for mani-pedis … and to discuss some broader drama.

They delved into Taylor and Austen’s friendship, which Craig described as “messy.”

“I know multiple girls that I used to date that he went and slept with after,” Craig accused.

Craig Conover gossips about his friend’s love life while getting mani-pedis. (Bravo)

Shep took things further, citing: “There’s a history of Austen wanting what I have.”

That is a toxic and uncomfortable way of phrasing things.

All of this is part of a larger trend, where viewers are seeing Shep step into a more villainous role on the show. It’s not great.

On Southern Charm Season 9, Episode 3, Shep Rose sits on a comfy chair while getting mani-pedis. (Bravo)

Meanwhile, Taylor and Austen were discussing her actual love life. She told him that she’d met a guy who fits her criteria.

“You have to be funny, smart, and love Jesus,” she detailed.

Austen wasn’t the only person supporting her. Venita knew that she needed cheering up, so she invited her and the other ladies over.

Dropping by for a friendly visit, Taylor Ann Green talks about life. We’re kind of obsessed with the jellyfish throw pillow. (Bravo)

Venita Aspen had invited Olivia Flowers, Leva Bonaparte, and Madison LeCroy over. Notably, Taylor’s meltdown had taken place at Madison’s wedding-adjacent celebration.

Olivia shared that she had been out with a baseball player when she ran into Austen.

Madison piped up with a claim that this would certainly upset Austen. (She’s alluding to her history with Alex Rodriguez)

Venita Aspen is beautiful, friendly, and loves to host her friends. She is the quintessential southern belle — just ask her Southern Charm castmates. (Bravo)

“We feel like you’re acting different than what you normally do,” Venita told Taylor.

Taylor tried to explain her meltdown at Craig: “I was really just trying to be like, ‘I miss our friendship.’”

“Those guys are thick as thieves,” Madison warned. “Like dating Austen, I knew from the very beginning, they were no longer my friends.”

At Venita Aspen’s garden party, she and guests Taylor Ann Green and Leva Bonaparte turned their attention to an adorable dog. Relatable! (Bravo)

Venita offered Taylor some important advice. Basically, she needed to chill out and regulate her behavior in public.

Taylor admitted that she wears her “heart on my sleeve,” so this could be difficult.

Meanwhile, Madison showed support, telling her: “I hope you know that you’re not alone.”

Madison LeCroy is a party guest, but recalls some of her messier Southern Charm moments. (Bravo)

Elsewhere, Austen met up with Rod Razavi. Rod opened up to him about his date with Olivia, and his plans to ask her out.

“She’s not my property, so I mean, I did see her out last weekend, she was kissing another guy,” Austen admitted.

“You know, like she can do what she wants and Rod, I think you’re a f–king great guy,” he expressed. “But I can’t say that it doesn’t affect me to hear it.”

Austen Kroll likes to keep it casual, even when that means wearing a backwards baseball cap in a restaurant. (Bravo)

Shep Rose stopped by Olivia’s parents’ home. He brought a pheasant that he’d shot as a … gift.

“What’s Taylor’s current disposition?” he asked Olivia once they got to talking. Olivia replied that she was single.

He meant her mindset. After he clarified, Olivia explained that Taylor’s attitude towards him hadn’t really changed.

Shep Rose arrives with a gift: a pheasant that he had shot. Thanks? (Bravo)

After his earlier conversations, Shep wondered if anything was going on with Taylor and Austen.

Olivia shot that down. She and Taylor have been practically joined at the hip, and she’d know.

“I hope that there’s not [anything going on] ‘cause that’s just slimy,” Shep spat. “Obviously we both would be very disappointed in our friends.”

Taylor Ann Green is making this marigold sweater work as well as she can. (Bravo)

The next day, Olivia and Taylor met up to chat. And Olivia did touch upon the theory that something was up with Taylor and Austen.

There is not. In fact, Taylor admitted that she’d wondered about “exploring” something with him. But she didn’t pursue it, and neither did Austen.

“[We] never hooked up, never anything,” Taylor confirmed. “Swear on my life.”

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