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LORNA SHORE Streams “Welcome Back O’ Sleeping Dreamer” Music Video

lorna coast A music video is now being released for their 2022 song “Welcome Back, O’ Sleeping Dreamer.”This video was directed and edited by Eric Richter,Depend on. . .Production Paul Hernonand comes with a pretty strong item drop that you can check out Right here.

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“‘Welcome Back O’ Sleeping Dreamer’ is a song that we feel deserves to be treated as seriously as our other songs. pain still exists. It was a key song in the writing process – the song that provided the impetus for the rest of the record. It was the song we had the most fun writing, and I think to this day it’s probably one of our favorite songs on the record. It’s dark yet bright, intense yet not overbearing. It’s become the closest thing to balance as far as our songs go. It’s also a song that sums up a lot of who we are as a band, while at the same time being unique from the rest. pain still exists.

“and Eric This is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while. He’s always been someone we would reference or be inspired by, so it only made sense to make the film with him. This was a unique experience for us as well because we were in the trenches with him making all the decisions about the film.As an artist, you want to see your vision realized and work with Eric In this way, we can realize this vision. ”

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