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Deiveson Figueiredo responds to Aljamain Sterling over being ‘too small’ for bantamweight

Devezon Figueiredo and Aljamain Sterling are at odds over Figueiredo’s performance as a bantamweight.

The former UFC flyweight champion moved up in weight on December 2, making his debut at 135 pounds against Rob Font after four fights with Brandon Moreno.

Sterling, who recently lost the bantamweight title to Sean O’Malley, expects the Brazilian to have a tough night in the cage.

“I think Rob Font is going to turn off the lights on Figueiredo,” Sterling said. his YouTube channel. “I think Figueiredo is a little too small, man. Even standing next to him in person, I think Figueiredo will have the speed advantage, but I think once Font closes the distance with his shins, his long push kicks, And then with the long jab, he cuts off the cage that he’s in. Crawls towards you, long jab, he crawls, stays in front of you and I think he’s able to find those big hooks that he throws. Boom, uppercut, I think that It will be a battle.

“But Figueiredo, obviously a former world champion, I think he’ll make it interesting. But I still think size is a factor. Maybe he’s big enough at 135, but the last time I saw him, he was Down to 125, so he looks a little small to me. So we’ll see how he’s physically when he jumps up to 135. He’s not as muscular, but he’s lost a lot of weight.”

Figueiredo reacts to Sterling’s comments on this week’s episode of MMA Fighting Free convertibility podcast.

“No one is invincible in this division, right?” Figueiredo said. “Aljamain Sterling saw in his last fight, ‘Suga’ touched his head and he went down. Every fight needs to be done with caution. Rob Font can Put me to sleep, just like I can put him to sleep, you know? This is two heavy trucks crashing. I have the heart of a lion, don’t worry, I’ll do my best.”

Figueiredo and Sterling agreed that the former flyweight’s speed was more important than Fonte, who entered the cage looking to rebound from a loss to Corey Sandhagen.

However, size may not be a factor.

“I’m going to be faster, and I’m going to be healthier. I don’t think I’m too short for this level,” said Figueiredo, who is 5 feet 5 inches taller than Sterling, who is 5 feet 7 inches tall. Sterling’s 5-foot-6 teammate Merab Dvalishvili is slightly shorter. (Fonte is three inches taller than the Brazilian and has a similar reach advantage.)

“I once stood next to Aljamain Sterling and he was just a little older than me,” Figueiredo continued. “I had been sitting next to his friend Merab, and he was short next to me. Merab was shocked when he saw me. He also called me fat, which I was that day. A person can lose weight up to 125 kilograms, he Must be very professional. He found out that I was not small for the department.”

Figueiredo respects Font as an opponent and looks forward to a fierce stand-up showdown inside the Target Center in Minneapolis.

“Without a doubt, I love going on strike,” he said. “It’s going to be three non-stop rounds. The fight could end at any time because there’s a strong guy on one side and I’m on the other side and I’m a guy who likes danger. I’m not underestimating Rob Font, he’s tough and teaches The best teacher I’ve ever had, but so did I (at flyweight).”

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