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Dave Mustaine Ejects Security Members for ‘Bullying’ Fan at Show

Megadeth’s show in Bloomington, Illinois on Wednesday (September 27) was unexpectedly interrupted when Dave Mustaine stopped playing “Symphony of Destruction” mid-song, blaming security and a group on the side of the stage. Some unruly behavior occurred among the spectators. As it turns out, it was security that infuriated the Megadeth frontman, who accused them of roughing up the audience and demanded they be removed from the show.

“Hey, hey, hey, stop, stop, stop. Guys, don’t fucking hit people. That’s not cool,” Mustaine said, pausing to address what was happening.

As the aggression continued, Mustaine took a more direct tone, yelling, “Hey, stop fucking hitting that guy,” as he ventured to the side of the stage and pointed to where the action was taking place.

When security returned to the front of the stage, Mustaine could be seen wagging his finger twice before leaning against the front of the stage, turning off his microphone, and speaking to security alone.

Back in front of the stage, Mustaine explained: “Well, I’m not going to play anymore until those people are escorted out of the building, so just give it a second.”

“This is so fucking unnecessary. This is so fucking unnecessary, you guys,” he then scolded the security guard. “You should be able to make it… What’s that on the back of your shirt? Security? It should say ‘No fucking security’ because you’re all little punks and you shouldn’t have fucking hit that guy. You guys work in groups of four Man, what a bunch of pussies.”

He then continued, “Get them out of here or I’m leaving. I don’t want to hear them in the back. I want them out of here.”

After meeting a police officer stageside, Mustaine ventured backstage to get a towel before returning to the stage and telling the audience, “Those bastards ruined my song.”

The singer thanked police for ejecting the problematic security team members and told viewers not to blame any remaining teams in the audience, before noting that it was these individual security officers who came together to attack an audience member that led to this occurrence of an event. Let him go. “Sorry, this stuff pisses me off. I hate bullies.”

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The show, which took place at Grossinger Motors Arena in Bloomington, ended appropriately with what Mustaine called a “holy war” performance.

The Megadeth tour continues this weekend with performances in Fargo, North Dakota and Prior Lake, Minnesota.View all their scheduled shows here.

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine stops show, calls in security for bullying fans

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