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Controversy after rural New Mexico school raffles AR-15

NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Some concerned parents say they are in disbelief that the Logan City School District is raffling rifles to raise money for students. “I don’t think schools or any educational institution should be involved in the sale or raffle of weapons,” said a Logan City Schools parent who spoke on condition of anonymity. Parents who contacted KRQE said the district has asked the class of 2025 to raffle tickets for AR-15 rifles.

The superintendent said the weapon was provided as a donation for a class fundraiser. “Proceeds from the fundraiser will support students with prom, graduation and senior travel expenses, and they are very much looking forward to using these funds and celebrating the end of their high school careers in the spring of 2025,” Logan City Schools Superintendent Dennis Roach (Dennis Roch) said.

While school district leaders emphasized the positive aspects of the fundraiser, concerned parents said they were frustrated by the purported prizes being offered. “Rifle raffles like this should not be done in schools, nor should they be done in classes or anything school-related because it conflicts with their policies,” the concerned parent said.

Superintendent Roach said it’s not unusual for Logan City Schools to have students raffle off rifles, calling gun culture “normal” in the district. “We view guns as just another tool that we use every other day in this part of the state. If we raffle off a brand new car, there’s no guarantee that someone won’t use that car to commit a crime or be involved in a crash involving that car. Hurt,” Roach said.

The district superintendent said AR-15s will never be on campus and whoever wins the raffle will need to be of legal age and pass a background check.

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