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Beyond The Gates 2024 To Feature BEHEMOTH, SATYRICON, WATAIN, TRELLDOM’s First Show Ever & More

Beyond The Gates 2024 will be held in Bergen, Norway, from July 31 to August 3, 2024.The first wave of band members came from behemoth and Vatan,arrive galfront bondage Playing their first show! The first wave of bands were:

  • behemoth
  • Satyricon
  • Vatan
  • venom
  • bondage (First concert)
  • real (Celebrating 30th anniversary)
  • devil
  • Fire Cult
  • Dodd Hemgard
  • dark space
  • Manbrain

“We’re extremely proud to announce the first bands for Beyond the Gates 2024,” said Beyond The Gates organizers. “We say it every time, but we do promise that next year will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Behind this sentence, please welcome this huge power behemoth. The orchestra has not performed in Bergen since 2012, so their return was warmly welcomed.We are also excited to showcase SatyriconA new album will be released next spring and they will return to the live show after five years!

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“Founders and Innovators venom and Vatan Beyond the Gates will also be delivering exciting and energetic live performances next year.

“continue, bondagefeaturing the iconic singer galtheir first live performance since forming the group in the early 1990s. real Will celebrate 30th anniversary sogna metal corp.while the Norwegian black metal player devil and Dodd Hemgard We will be awarded an exclusive set.

“The one who completed the first round of names was the Czech. Fire Cult Through their massive live performances, the mysterious dark space from switzerland and poland Manbrainthey will perform their first concert outside their home country.

“As always, in addition to live concerts, the festival will feature numerous activities you can experience: guided tours, fairs, markets and more.”

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Tickets can be purchased here.

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