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Arizona deputy flown to hospital after incident in Cochise County

The Sheriff’s Office said the officer fell approximately 15 feet Thursday night and was seriously injured.

COCHIS COUNTY, Ariz. — A Cochise County deputy was transported to a trauma center Thursday night after he was injured while trying to stop an alleged “smuggler,” officials said.

The deputy was deploying a speed limiter to detain a driver who was fleeing law enforcement when the driver fell 15 feet and was seriously injured, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The suspect was eventually arrested and the injured officer was airlifted to a trauma center in Tucson. A spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office said the deputy was undergoing surgery Friday morning.

In a statement, Sheriff Mark Daniels expressed dismay at the frequent incidents of officers trying to arrest smuggling suspects.

“This is the third time in the past few days that my deputies and citizens have been victimized by reckless and violent criminal smuggling elements because those in Washington, D.C., who are entrusted with protecting Americans, ignore the border,” the Sheriff said.



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