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SUICIDAL TENDENCIES’ Drummer Tries To Learn A SLEEP TOKEN Song As Fast As Possible

Drumeo has been having some fun with Suicidal Tendencies drummer Greyson Nekrutman lately. First they made him learn Avenged Sevenfold‘s “Nobody” as fast as possible, and now they’re making him do Sleep Token‘s “Hypnosis”. Much like “Nobody”, Nekrutman doesn’t seem to have an issue with “Hypnosis” either.

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Greyson Nekrutman embraced the challenge by immersing himself in the enigmatic rhythm of the anonymous band Sleep Token,” wrote Drumeo. “Struggling through initial confusion, Greyson embarked on a musical quest to craft his own part after listening to a drumless track.

“This wasn’t a simple task; ‘Hypnosis’ by Sleep Token is a demanding song. However, in the end, it truly highlighted Greyson‘s determination and creativity as he navigated this uncharted territory.”

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