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ADOT reveals finalists for 2023 safety message contest

Arizonans have until Aug. 17 to vote for their favorite sign message. The two entries with the most votes will be displayed on highway signs.

PHOENIX — The Arizona Department of Transportation has picked 10 finalists for its seventh annual Safety Message Contest.

After vetting through 3,700 submissions, ADOT has picked 10 entries that the public will have a chance to vote on this month before two winners will be put on display across the agency’s freeway overhead signs.

ADOT began displaying humorous, unconventional safety messages a few years ago as a strategy to engage drivers on changing their behavior behind the wheel. That strategy has since evolved into an annual contest which allows locals to participate in writing their own sign slogans.

The 10 finalists this year are listed below:

  • It’s hot, be cool, buckle up
  • I’m just a sign asking a driver to use turn signals
  • Be a buckle girl, in a buckle world
  • It’s hot outside, chill when you drive
  • Drive aware show you care
  • Merge it like it’s hot
  • Think & thrive, don’t drink & drive
  • Not a bee? Don’t drive buzzed
  • Seat belts always pass the vibe check
  • This is your sign to slow down

Arizonans have until Aug. 17 to vote for their favorite sign message on the ADOT website. The two messages with the most votes will be put on display.



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