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New Mexico officer helps save newborn’s life after car birth

DEMING, N.M. (KRQE) – A New Mexico State Police officer’s quick thinking helped save a newborn. The heroic rescue happened just feet from a hospital.

Officer Perez was on patrol in Deming when he got a call from a frantic woman who had just given birth inside her car.

He arrived at a local hospital where a car was parked outside an emergency room. A woman delivered her baby in her car, but the newborn was not crying. Officer Perez quickly jumped into action.

The newborn began to breathe and cry right as hospital staff made their way outside and took the mother and child into the hospital.

In a video posted by the New Mexico State Police’s Facebook page, you can see Officer Perez provide life-saving measures to the newborn to help him breathe.

Police said Perez’s quick thinking and proficient training saved the baby boy’s life.

NMSP stated both baby Miguel Jr. and his mom are in excellent health.

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