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Jake Paul reacts to Nate Diaz grabbing guillotine choke late in their boxing match: ‘He f***** choked me!’

If Jake Paul is serious about pursuing a rematch against Nate Diaz in MMA, first he might want to work on his submission defense.

Late in the 10th and final round in their boxing match on Saturday night, Paul lowered his head while the two fighters were stuck in the clinch, which led to Diaz grabbing his neck for a few seconds in a brief guillotine choke. Diaz quickly released the submission, but he smiled and taunted Paul for a moment after Paul spent much of the lead-up calling for a chance to run it back in MMA.

“He f***** choked me!” Paul said during the post-fight press conference. “He was actually choking me. I was like, this is crazy! I didn’t think he was going to stop but he had it in. Obviously, I’m not going to try to defend it, but it’s just funny. I was like, this is crazy.”

Paul, who signed with the PFL, has promised that he plans to cross over to MMA and he wants Diaz for his first opponent.

While Paul was a heavy favorite in their boxing match, he would likely open as a massive underdog to Diaz in MMA. But Paul maintains that he’s absolutely serious about the challenge, including the $10 million payday he offered Diaz to fight in the PFL.

To spice things up even more, Paul added that he definitely had an answer to Diaz’s guillotine choke attempt, but it’s just not allowed in the sport of boxing.

“That’s why I want to do it back in MMA. It’s fun,” Paul said. “I’m with all that s***. If it was it was MMA, I would have dropped to a double-leg, picked him up and dropped him on his head.”

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