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Fenty Beauty Purple Blush Restock Alert: It’s Back by Purple-Ar Demand

Still not sure if purple blush is for you, these reviews may convince you

Fenty Purple Blush Reviews 

A shopper shared, “Been waiting for a blush this color!!! I LOVE IT!!!! It glides on, is buildable & looks great!!! I love my DRAMA!!!”

Another declared, “Blown away! I wanted the drama cla$$ so badly but was hesitant because of my unpredictably oily skin to try a cream blush. I’m very, very happy with this. It’s light, a little goes a long way, it blends nicely, and the images on the site seem true-to-life in terms of vibrancy/ buildability. I’m glad I tried fenty products.”

Someone gushed, “It is fabulous and I love it. Do not be scared of the colour as you do not see any purple at all. Just a nice pop of colour on your cheeks.”

A reviewer raved, “I’ve always been scared to wear purple blush but this one is perfect !! it’s looks very natural & beautiful.”

A Fenty customer wrote, “BEAUTIFUL. This was such a unique color. Of course it’s not purple on the face but it’s so gorgeous on darker skin. That mauve tint is EVERYTHING!”

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