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Clovis city leaders discuss Cannon Air Force Base personnel reduction  

CLOVIS, N.M. (KRQE) – Clovis Mayor Mike Morris and other city leaders discussed the impact of a special operations unit that will be leaving Cannon Air Force Base. What is now known as Cannon Air Force Base has been operating in Clovis since the beginning of World War II. Local leaders want to make sure it is still operating well into the future. 

“In Clovis, when we start to talk about Cannon Air Force Base, it can make our heart skip a beat having anything to do with a force reduction,” said Mayor Mike Morris. 

The reduction will come in 2027 and will see roughly 350 airmen leaving the base as the squadron, MC-130J Commando II, will relocate to Tucson, Arizona 

“Cannon Air Force Bases’ future is solid. Cannon will continue to host a wing. cannon will continue to host an AFSOC wing and Cannon will continue to host a power projection wing,” said Mayor Morris.  

Officials said the move is required in order to meet national security requirements. The air crafts function is to supply a special operations force by airdrop or airland, and air refueling. 

“We’re happy for Tucson and Davis-Monthan because the Air Force keeping them whole and keeping their promise to them indicates they would do the same for us here,” said Mayor Morris. “General Moore made an even stronger commitment to Cannon Air Force Base than I ever heard him make to Davis-Monthan when he said Cannons Air Force Bases’ future is solid. That it will be a wing, and it will be an AFSOC projection, power projection wing that’s a very strong commitment and I trust the man,” said David Robinson, Air and Space force civilian representative.  

But those in the city wanted to make one thing clear. “Making sure that if the Air Force ever decided to vacate Cannon Air Force Base it would be painful. And I believe that’s where we are at. That uh, not only would it be painful to abandon the assets at Cannon Air Force Base, but it would be painful to abandon the community,” said Robinson.  

Just this week members of the Air Force and Department of Defense toured Cannon to see what they can do to help the base in the future with things like health care, housing, and childhood education. Cannon Air Force Base has an enormous economic impact on the Clovis area. An air Force fact sheet estimates the base’s total impact on Clovis is more than two hundred million dollars a year. 

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