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Dwyane Wade Shares How His Family’s Move Helped Zaya Find a Community

In fact, when asked when she feels most empowered, Zaya told Dazed magazine in March, “When my family surrounds me.”

“They are such a giant support system and have always been there for me,” she continued. “No matter what happens, I feel strongest when I’m with them. I think it’s not my job, but it’s my honor to continue and further my family’s education and appreciation for the entire LBGTQ+ community as we grow together.”

And for Gabrielle, the love couldn’t be more mutual. While at the 2023 GLAAD Media Awards with Zaya, the Bring It On alum spoke to the close bond the two share. 

“I’m lucky to have Zaya as my bonus daughter,” Gabrielle exclusively told E! News‘ chief correspondent Keltie Knight in March. “I did not birth her, but I’ve never felt more connected to anyone. And I’ve never felt more of a purpose as one of the adults in her village that is standing 10 toes down—sometimes behind her, sometimes beside her and sometimes in front of her leading.” 

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