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dark tranquility back to five after the guitarist Christopher Amott has left the band. There join in dark tranquility 2020 and contributed guitar to their latest record moment. There Said that there is no grudge between myself and myself dark tranquility, and he has other projects on the horizon. up to now, john reinholz is the only guitarist dark tranquility.

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“Hello everyone. I have decided to leave dark tranquility,” wrote There. “No feud at all, but it’s time for me to focus on some new music that I’m very proud of! I want to thank these guys (and the fans!) for their great performances over the years and I wish them all the best. I’ll see you guys soon!”

dark tranquility also commented Thereleft saying they had recruited Joey Concepcion (predecessor-absentex-doomsdayex-refuge) to perform the tour mission immediately.

“We regret to announce Chris Amott Leaving the band to pursue my own musical path,” wrote dark tranquility of Thereleave. “It was an honor and a pleasure to play with him and we say goodbye amicably.

“To fill his void in the near future, we’ll have the awesome Shredder Joey Concepcion Come with us for the rest of the summer. Our mission remains the same—to explore the blues of neighborhood rage.A path blazed by all members dark tranquility – past and present. There may be some new faces on stage, but in our extended family, many will be the same. Niklas Sandin Still setting our visual tone Martin Henriksen Still our manager. Our next assignment is to record our 13th album this fall. We’re really excited about this material and can’t wait to bring it to you. uncommon”

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