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Tesla Cybertruck battery cells get 10% boost in energy density

(Green Car Report) – Tesla still hasn’t revealed its Cybertruck or revealed an exact timeline for its specifications and pricing.The electric car maker announced it builds a Of course, July 15th is on Twitter, with Tesla CEO Elon Musk also serving as executive chairman of the social media platform.

In a quarterly update for investors on Wednesday, the company and its leadership team revealed more technical tidbits about the highly anticipated electric truck.

One is that the Cybertruck will get a newer, more energy-dense version Tesla’s 4680 battery already entered Y type.

“In Texas, we are preparing to launch a Cybertruck battery with 10 percent higher energy density than batteries currently in production,” said Drew Baglino, senior vice president of powertrain and energy engineering. “This was achieved through process and mechanical design optimization.”

Comparing 4680 vs 2170 – Panasonic

The energy density of the original 4680 cells was comparable to the 2170 cells used by Tesla, so the optimization is worth noting. Tesla is also reportedly preparing high-nickel versions of these batteries.

Tesla will continue to work on the vision announced at the 2020 Battery Day, which may make Tesla Cut battery costs in half In the long run, partly by advocating for new cell formats. Battery production at Tesla’s battery factory in Austin, Texas, increased 80% in the second quarter from the first quarter, Baglino said, with the team producing more than 10 million cells.

A cross-section of a future Tesla battery
Future Tesla batteries will bring energy, power gains

Beyond that, Tesla says it is now testing the Cybertruck around the world for final certification and validation, and to prove new ideas.

“This may be the most unique automotive offering in decades; with that comes experimentation and testing of new technologies,” Tesla’s quarterly report said. “This vehicle is going to push a lot of boundaries, both technically and structurally – very much in line with how we think about vehicle engineering and manufacturing.”

“I do want to emphasize that Cybertruck has a lot of new technology — a lot,” Musk reiterated, without giving any examples, but appeared to temper expectations for a sharp rise in production.

There will be about 10,000 unique parts and processes in the Cybertruck, Musk explained, and the ramp will depend on “the worst performing element of those 10,000.”

Tesla Cybertruck final test

Cybertruck will be mass-produced in 2024 and delivered in 2023

While the pace of ramping up capacity has yet to be determined, Musk emphasized that deliveries are imminent.

“We’ll be mass producing them next year and we’ll be delivering the cars this year,” he said.

Tesla claims that, to the best of its knowledge, the Cybertruck will be the first truck to be less than 19 feet long, have four doors, and a floor more than 6 feet long.

2019 Tesla Cybertruck Prototype (Petersen Automotive Museum)

The garages of most new American homes tend to be at least 20 feet long, based on interior walls, leaving only 6 inches of room front and rear for trucks with the garage door closed. However, many garages are 22 feet deep, leaving about a foot and a half of space front and rear.

Pricing remains unknown, despite Musk’s comments on pricing for the electric truck competition.in an article about almost $10,000 off the F-150 Lightning In terms of pricing, Musk said: “The Ford Lightning is a good car, just a little expensive, especially considering the high interest rates on any type of loan these days.”

Tesla Cybertruck

Does the Cybertruck start at $39,900?

tesla Cybertruck revealed Three models launched in November 2019: a single-motor version with a range of more than 250 miles, starting at $39,900; a dual-motor AWD version with a range of more than 300 miles, starting at $49,900; and a tri-motor AWD version with a range of more than 500 miles, starting at $69,900. Tesla dropped those prices and specs in October 2021, fueling speculation that Tesla would raise prices significantly and reconfigure the truck.

Does the increase in energy density mean greater cruising range? While the company hasn’t revealed what that means, whether or not the price increases will likely help increase the value of the vehicle.

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At least one analyst on Tesla’s conference call Wednesday asked whether Tesla would need to lower prices across the board again later this year depending on the state of the economy, but the Tesla CEO seemed to say that would certainly not be a problem for the Cybertruck.

“Demand is way beyond expectations, you don’t even see demand, so it’s really not a problem,” Musk boasted.

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