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200 STAB WOUNDS Recruits CODE ORANGE’s JAMI MORGAN For New Single “Ride The Flatline”

200 Stab Wounds will release their Metal Blade Records debut Manual Manic Procedures on June 28. 200 Stab Wounds is now streaming the new single “Ride The Flatline”, whose runtime examines the horrors of the 2023 chemical spill into the Ohio River… and features some extra pissed off-ness from Jami Morgan of Code Orange.

“All the crazy chemicals caught fire,” said 200 Stab Wounds vocalist and guitarist Steve Buhl. “The Ohio River goes into Lake Erie, which is where our water supply is. So the song comes from that really. But obviously, we put a little bit of animation into it, with someone getting run over by a train in the process and fucking exploding and shit.”

Pre-orders for Manual Manic Procedures are available here.

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